Gift Cards

Drive repeat business and increase cash flow with your own branded gift cards

Gift cards are reusable, stored-value cards that provide merchants an electronic alternative to paper gift certificates. Our high quality gift cards generate sales at the time of purchase and when redeemed. And since most consumers spend more than the amount on the card, merchants enjoy the additional profit. Use gift cards to promote sales events, new products, and new locations.

Individualized Gifts

Customers have the opportunity to quickly and easily find gifts for any occasion including holidays, weddings, birthdays, or graduations. Consumers appreciate the added convenience and merchants enjoy the many benefits.

Online Reporting

Free online reporting gives you 24/7 access to real-time online reporting that provides complete transaction tracking. Always know how much money is outstanding or what types of activities have been processed. Take advantage of security features that allow you to easily assign user privileges for all employees within a location.

Tailored solution

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can achieve specific goals by creating tailor-made gift card and loyalty packages. Our solutions streamline the process for businesses operating in multiple locations. Using the same cards between stores, revenue conveniently pools into one account. Small businesses might find it beneficial to disperse refunds on store gift cards in order to sustain and increase cash flow. Control whether cards have a preset value or have no value until they are sold. Our diverse solutions give you the opportunity to create a package that works best for you.

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