Check and ACH Processing

The ability to process electronic debits and paper checks can grow your revenue by offering an additional payment method, and increases customer satisfaction since it’s a form of payment preferred by many consumers. Choose a payment processing method that best fits your business need.

  • Virtual Check – process authorized electronic ACH debits of a customer’s checking account. Accept payments as either a one-time charge or schedule as a recurring payment giving your customers the convenience of automatic payments while ensuring prompt payment.
  • Point-of-Sale Check Conversion – use a check reader or imager to process and deposit paper checks and skip the trip to the bank – “Bankless Checking”. The optional Check Guarantee feature gives you peace of mind by funding your merchant account for checks returned due to insufficient funds (NSF).
  • Check 21 – convert consumer or business checks received in person, by mail, or dropbox to an image for electronic deposit. Avoid ACH restrictions and accept money orders, travelers, cashier, and certified checks.

Each solution includes a Virtual Terminal that requires no installation or additional software, and offers a web-based interface for processing checks. Reporting features give a transaction snapshot or a more detailed overview of processing history.

Increase your sales opportunities by accepting checks in-person, online or by mail and save time, money, and the time consuming hassle of trips to the bank to deposit checks.

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