E-commerce Merchant Account

With the advancement of the World Wide Web it is now possible for merchants to create virtual online stores.  Many of our clients have expanded their selling opportunities to include E-commerce as part of their business model.  CardChoice International offers many options for your business to securely accept payments from your customers, below are just a few.

  • Accept and process credit card payments in real time
  • Accepts all major credit cards on your website
  • Seconds to complete a transaction
  • Process credit card transactions from orders received offline
  • Issue credits
  • Void transactions
  • View your list of transactions online
  • Multiple gateway options

How Internet Credit Card Processing Works

  • The online customer finds the merchant’s website and adds products to their shopping cart. When they are ready to check out they enter their billing information.
  • If the merchant does not have a secure page, the customer can be transferred to the merchant’s secure payment gateway where they can enter the billing information into a secure form. If the merchant does have a secure site, then the information will be “passed” to the payment gateway without the customer ever leaving the merchant’s site.
  • Once the billing information has made it to the payment gateway it is then transmitted to our processor.
  • The processor will then pass that information onto the bank that issued the credit card. The issuing bank will check to see if the card is valid and see if the amount requested is available on the card and set aside the amount of the purchase for the merchant.
  • The issuing bank will send back an approval number or a decline message back to the processor.
  • That information will then be passed back to the payment gateway. It will take approximately 6-12 seconds to complete the process.
  • The payment gateway will then pass the approval code back to the merchant’s site. At this point the merchant can also choose to have the payment gateway email the customer a payment receipt.
  • At the end of the day the payment gateway will “settle” all of the day’s transactions. Once the settlement process is initiated the funds will be transferred from the card issuing bank and will electronically deposit them into the merchant’s checking account.