Cash Advance

If you have an opportunity to grow your business but lack working capital, your traditional first step is to visit a local or national bank. With banks still rejecting most conventional business loans, you may want to consider going directly to step two. We support growth, and can provide immediate working capital for your business in less than 2 weeks. More than 70% of qualified merchants are approved for a cash advance. Learn more about eligibility and the ways our cash advance program can help achieve your business goals.

Working capital helps you bolster your business

Turn your future credit card sales into the working capital you need to explore new opportunities, manage expenses and grow your business.

How can a Cash Advance Help Your Business?

  • Expand your business facility
  • Increase your product line
  • Meet unexpected expenses
  • Advertise your business
  • Purchase new equipment

Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance:

  • A lump sum of immediate cash funding that is based on your future credit card sales
  • Working capital without the asset requirements of bank loans
  • No fixed payment amount

How Our Merchant Cash Advance Works

  1. You sell a fixed dollar amount of your future credit cards sales at a discount
  2. You receive a lump sum of immediate cash
  3. A percentage from each settled credit card sales is collected until the repayment amount is reached. There are no fixed payment amounts, no fixed payoff date, no manual processes, and the system is completely automatic
  4. Each month you will receive a statement detailing the status of your account
  5. Once your initial repayment amount has been collected, you may be eligible to receive another lump sum of cash for future business needs

Get more information on Our Merchant Cash Advance

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