Virtual Terminal

Credit and Debit Card Processing: Robust. Secure. Reliable.

Easily process credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks online, plus swipe cards for your in-person transactions and convert paper checks to electronic bank deposits! Our Virtual Terminal is an incredibly robust, secure, reliable and cost-effective solution accessible 24/7 for authorizing and managing credit, debit, and electronic check transactions including:

    • Secure transactions – your customers’ data is safeguarded since it’s stored behind our firewall rather than on your computer and additional security and fraud prevention features like Address Verification Service (AVS), Card Verification Value (CVV and CVV2) are standard.
    • Recurring billing – give your customers the convenience of setting up automatic payments directly from their bank account, or charge their credit card. Provide them with peace of mind while ensuring prompt payment, making billing and collections easier and more efficient.
    • Process electronic checks – save time by processing checks electronically through the Virtual Terminal and avoid unnecessary trips to the bank. Check information is entered at the time of purchase and funds are credited in as quickly as 72 hours.
    • Level 3 processing – available for government, corporate, and purchase cards

This internet-based solution requires no installation or required software upgrades and as a bonus, e-commerce businesses have the opportunity to get a free shopping cart.

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