Mobile Payments

Take Your Business To Your Customers

With our wireless payment processing solutions, success just got easier. That’s because when you have the potential to process transactions wherever you are, you can concentrate on making the sale and giving great customer service. It’s as simple as making a call or accessing the internet.

  • Payments in a Snap

    Just use the Flint app to securely scan the card instead of swiping it through a card reader or dongle. Keyed entry mode also supported.
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  • Mobile POS Solution

    Affordable, subscription-based mobile POS system that can transform an iOS tablet into a convenient modern-day cash register.
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  • Smartphone/Tablet Processing

    Turn your smart phone or tablet into a payment device and processes all credit and debit cards instantly anytime and anywhere. Use any mobile device including the iPhoneTM, iPadTM, and those devices powered by Android® to open up more sales opportunities whenever your customer is present.

  • Virtual Terminal

    Transform your laptop computer or notebook into a card-present payment terminal with our Virtual Terminal software. All you need is an internet connection and a USB micro card reader – the Virtual Terminal does the rest. Learn more about all the benefits of transforming your existing computer into this low-cost solution to accept credit and debit cards on the go.

  • Wireless Terminals

    Wireless terminals look just like desk-bound counter-top models, but their use of cellular or WiFi® connectivity lets you take the point of sale to your customers. Whether you operate a restaurant or a delivery service, we can help you select the best POS device so you never miss a sale. Give your customer the comfort of knowing that each transaction is secured using the latest encryption technology.

  • Dial Pay

    Dial Pay lets on-the-go merchants accept payments using nearly any phone – no smart phone or internet connection is required. To use Dial Pay just call our special automated authorization phone number, key in the card information and receive your audible authorization – that’s all there is to it.

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